Love and Happiness
Two things we all want MORE of.
Two things most of us don't really know how to get.
Even though we view Love and Happiness as essential to a good life, they aren’t really taught. Or, if they are taught, it’s rare that it goes beyond theory and platitudes and into real, practical, experiential living.

Of course, we think we know how to go about getting more Love and Happiness. Most of our days revolve around it.

Certain paths and ways of experiencing love and happiness are laid out for us in our movies, culture, entertainment, religion, etc. Some ways were laid out by our family, friends, teachers and mentors.

But… have they been successful? 
Do you know how to experience happiness or peace when few things are working in your favor? Do you know how to cultivate love when life and the people that should be sources of love and validation are anything but that?
Say no more, I want the ten emails to discover more LOVE
Say no more, I want the ten emails to discover more LOVE
A few of the paths you learned are probably quite beautiful, noble, and instructive. But many have at their root one underlying dysfunction:

People look for the experience of
love or happiness
from the outside-in,
instead of the inside-out.
For example:

If I asked you to name a few of the things that make you the happiest or give you a sense of self worth, I wouldn’t be surprised if your answers fell into one of these categories:
  • Loving Relationship and Companionship
  •  Meaningful Work / Career (or employment at all)
  •  Education
  •  Healthy Family Relationships
  •  Time (feeling like you have enough of it)
  •  Physical Health or Attractiveness
  •  Financial Security
  •  Religion or Beliefs
  •  Ability to have Children and be a Parent
  •  Meaningful Connection to your Children, Seeing them Succeed
  •  Mexican Food :)

Some of these sound like fairly noble things, some not so much. Regardless, it isn’t uncommon at all for us to gain a sense of worth, value, and identity from each of these.

And that’s a problem.
Because which one of these things is guaranteed to be consistent for you?
Which one will always bring a never-ending supply of validation and worth? 
None of them.
Besides, if I asked you to name the top THREE reasons you are unhappy right now, I’ll bet your list would use the same categories.

You could probably point to some relationship that isn’t working out or that isn’t as fulfilling as you hoped, some circumstance that isn’t going the way you hoped it would, or some personal mistake or perceived fault that has produced a feeling of shame or unworthiness inside.

Which means a good portion of our “happiness” is strongly tied to circumstance and to things, or how others treat us.  

And we could say the same with our capacity to “love.” It’s almost all conditional. Our capacity to offer Love vulnerably and connect meaningfully changes depending on how someone else is treating us.
Does that sound like a healthy way to go through life? 
Does it have to be that way?
  • Is our Happiness directly tied to some things entirely out of our control (life circumstance)?
  • Is our ability to Love rooted conditionally in how others treat us or whether they receive our love?
  • Does our experience of Peace depend on how long it’s been since we’ve made a fool of ourselves or liked the way we look in the mirror?

We answer each of those questions with a resounding NO!
We are unabashed in our belief that you can experience Peace & embody Love, regardless of circumstance!

Happiness and Love are something you Choose!
We believe that, because that is our own story. 

We first learned how to do this in the midst of failing marriages, infertility, divorce, loveless relationships, rock-bottom self-worth, infidelity, and significant financial loss.

And we’ve mentored people who’ve applied these universal truths to discover more peace despite past child abuse, multiple miscarriages, death of loved ones, serious illness, abusive relationships, failing marriages, crisis of faith, drug addicted family members… and just about anything else you can think of.

And that’s why we’ve put our hearts and souls into creating this website, and this very specific email training.

Because we want to teach you the fundamental principles that get RIGHT TO THE ROOT of the issue, instead of simply dealing with the symptoms.
We want to teach you how to cultivate Happiness and Love from the INSIDE-OUT.
The Alternative?
If you continue looking for your worth, identity, and happiness in uncontrollable circumstances or the ever-changing behavior of others… here’s what you’re in for:

Everything in life becomes an “object” that either validates or threatens your worth.

Even people cease to be human beings, and are instead objects—objects you either “control and manipulate” in order to maximize worth and validation, or objects you “avoid and destroy” with your words and actions in order to minimize any threats they pose to your worth.

Does that sound familiar?
Are you putting them in a “pressure cooker” by making them responsible for your happiness and your need for “outside-in” validation?
(We claim we do this because we “looove” them so much… but really it is a sign of our dysfunction.)
Do you find you are less sensitive and less responsive to the ways they might need your love and compassionate presence?
Are you even able to help them when you’re too busy thinking about how their actions reflect on you?
In the past, did someone make YOU responsible for their happiness (or are they doing it right now)? You know how much you hate it, right?
Do you want to keep doing this to those you’re supposed to be loving?
We all need this paradigm shift to stop looking for our worth from the outside-in.
Without it, the same patterns of dysfunction continue. Our personal well-being suffers. The well-being of those we care about suffers. Vulnerability and connection in relationships vanishes. Our experiences with happiness or love become fleeting, and change as quickly as the next circumstance.
The Good News…
You can learn to feel and experience Wholeness from the Inside-Out.

You can learn to express greater Love and Compassion even when someone’s actions seem hurtful.

You can discover that you are not a victim to another’s actions, or to life events you cannot control.

You can learn the freedom that comes from looking within.

You can learn how to dispel Fear about yourself and your life and become a Champion of Love.

When you do this, you are UNSTOPPABLE!
We are so confident in your ability to make a shift, for the better, that we have dedicated our lives teaching you how!  

We want to be your mentor, ally, and friend, as someone who has already been through this process ourselves (many times) and now has the experience of helping thousands go through this shift as well.

A shift which involves you experiencing a wholeness that cannot be found in others or circumstance, but can be found only where it always was… inside.

Why This Email Training Matters?
The information we’re presenting to you is not “new” to the world. This stuff is already embedded in the greatest teachings of every culture and people.

You’ve probably already read various books, articles, and blog posts all about this stuff. As have we. We may explain it in our own unique way, but the message itself is certainly much bigger than we are.

The question is… have you done anything about it?

Has it become experiential?

Has it transcended theory and become practical?

Because the truth is, these principles are already embedded within your soul. You were born with the capacity for this inside-out wholeness and happiness. And that inside-out wholeness is what helps you love yourself and others more completely.

It’s just a matter of revealing to yourself and others what is already there. It’s a matter of discovering that you are an EMPOWERED SOUL.

We want that process of revealing and of self-discovery to be practical. To be experiential.

Because that’s what made the difference for us.

We didn’t learn this because we studied it in college, or because we found it in a book.

We learned it because life was crushing and we needed an actual, tangible solution to the difficulties we were facing.

Our knowledge is experiential. As in, facing-the-hardest-moments-of-life experiential.

In the early days of our transformations, it was a new thing to try and articulate some of the principles that had changed our lives. But we started sharing anyway because 
1. Everyone around us wanted to know what had changed and
2. We had figured out how to relieve so, so much suffering in our lives that there was no way we could keep that info. to ourselves.
We’ve now spent the last 10 years reading, learning, writing, teaching, leading workshops, hosting retreats, speaking, and mentoring. And we’ve spent hundreds of hours working to respond to thousands of emails and comments from our blogging community… all so that we can help this be EXPERIENTIAL for you as well.

We’re not just going to give you a “map” or the theory or ideas and beliefs… we’re going to actually help you get out and start walking the path—for yourself.

We’re going to be encouraging you to put it into your own words and bring the principles to life in your own relationships.

In the end, the change you’re most inspired by won’t be ours...
It will be your own.
Here’s the truth:
Everything in life doesn’t happen to victimize you... it happens to challenge you... To teach you and help show you how strong and powerful you really are...

We learned this first hand...
We are Danny - And I’m Mara...
And we both learned a few universal principles that changed EVERYTHING for us...

Both of us were in the darkest points in our life. Infidelity, abuse, sadness, anxiety...

And at the darkest point in life, we learned the truth and it changed EVERYTHING.
I remember sitting on the train after my divorce finalized... which should have been the low-point of my life, and instead I smiling ear to ear... because I knew the TRUTH.
Learning a few key things can change EVERYTHING... I remember being able to approach my divorce with clarity, patience and compassion... instead of anger and sadness...
When you learn these things you become POWERFUL. The world is yours... you are filled with light... You become an EMPOWERED SOUL.
The empowered soul leads from a place of understanding, love, compassion and greatness. But the empowered soul is also POWERFUL.
We know that YOU are an empowered soul. We know it’s in you. It’s that little spark inside of you that wants to be free...

    • Free to have your voice heard 
    • Free to develop an AMAZING relationship
    • Free to serve the world 

and EMPOWERED to approach EVERY relationship from a place of love.
When you do this, you are unstoppable.
We want to take you behind the scenes of our journey and show you the coincidences” in our lives that helped us see these truths... and ultimately meet each other.

Meet each other AS strong, powerful, graceful and inspired souls...
Dive into our limited 7-day email training to learn these principles (and hear our story) first hand...

We have 3 principles to share with your that will transform EVERY relationship in your life...
Even the bad or negative ones become beautiful works of art.
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